Blue Is (Was) In For Fall

Here's a picture of Big Daddy, Renata (eating the bread reserved for the ducks), and Renata's cousin Savannah. This was taken Thanksgiving weekend in West Palm, in my in-laws' backyard. I look grumpy because I was fighting my inner over-protective ogre. I didn't want Renata anywhere near the dock, but I knew I was being unreasonable. So I let her on the dock. Grumble grumble grumble.

You can get a much better version of the picture by right-clicking on it, and viewing image.

Continuing in the personal vein, let it be known that over the month of December (Christmas and the partying leading up to it) I pushed the Publix supermarket scales full circle. That is to say (take note, Remy) that I stepped onto the scale and the arrow went full circle: past 300 lbs., and back to the beginning. Who knows exactly how much that is? We can leave it at a simple "over 300 libras." Thankfully, and I think you will also all be glad to know this, this past weekend I stepped onto the scale and weighed in at a very reasonable, and more importantly, very measurable, 298 lbs.

They don't call me Big Daddy for nothing. Actually, I'm the only one who calls me Big Daddy. I'm hoping it catches. And I'm helping my cause by being big, baby! Bam!

For those of you in Gainesville and its environs, check out my dad's show at Gallery 15 downtown sometime this month. The show is open already, but the "opening" (read: snacks n' drinks) will be this Friday evening, eight o'clock, I think.

Also make a note: one month 'til Mara.

Lilypie Baby Birthday

UPDATE: the opening will be this Friday from 7-10. Come hobnob!