United in Beer & Butterflies: It Means Nothing, But Sounds Cool

Let me tell y'all how good a monday night can be.

Every monday night for the past few months a crew of the younger men (mostly the young married men) of Faith Prez, St. Andrew's Episcopal, and miscellaneous hangers-on have been gathering at The Salty Dog, across the street from U of F, to play dominoes. And not just "dominoes," mind you, but Texas 42 (shareware download of the world's best non-Trivial Pursuit game here). So we gather 'round, purchase pitchers of middle-range beers (Killian's, Newcastle, Amber Boch), the occasional good beer (Guinness, Boddington's, a Chimay), the occasional nip o' the stronger stuff (last week the trainee Anglican priest snuck in a flask of Grey Goose vodka), and slam dominoes Texas-style.

I've got to tell you, nothing unites charismatics and cessationists, baptists and covenantalists, paedo- and credo-baptists, congregationalists and ecclesiasts, wine and grape juice, smokers and non-smokers, quite the way our Monday night beer-n'-dominoes get-togethers do.

So here's a health to the company, and one to my lass! Let's drink and be merry, all out of one glass!

Speaking of St. Andrew's Church, my sister's getting married there this coming Saturday, and this past Saturday my mom handed me the schedule for the ceremony and reception, saying, "Here. Make sure it all happens. I'm just going to relax and enjoy it." Great. Now I have butterflies.