Sharon Is Equal To Hitler?

Over at LGF we find a link to this article at the JPost: over 50% of Germans equate IDF treatment of Palestinians to Nazi treatment of Jews. I don't know what to do with that one. Is it that they prefer not to think of how truly horrible Nazi crimes were, and so can equate them to Israel-Palestine? Or is it that they truly believe Israel is systematically oppressing (that's charitable, we're talking early Nazi Kristallnacht stuff here) Palestinians by keeping them from being anything but a ghettoized people? Is it both?

The Palestinians are not an oppressed minority. They are a people who have asked for and received leadership that is dedicated to rebellion at best, and murder at worst. They are not oppressed. They are losing a war, and they're losing a war they're fighting dishonorably! It is they who are infected with racism, and it is they who are dedicated to the elimination of a nation from the face of the earth.

One of the Palestinian candidates for president of the PLO (the one who isn't in jail for murder) is a Holocaust denier...which hardly makes him unique in the PLO.