A Resurrection

Remy's unpithily-named blog is finally back up. Y'all ought to visit.

And speaking of weird southerners, I'm very, very curious...who would y'all be?

You are Confederate General Thomas Ă‚“StonewallĂ‚” Jackson.  You were known for your aggressive flanking maneuvers and religious zealotry.  You were accidentally shot dead by your own troops.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

What Civil War General Are You?

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Ooh, ooh! I was known for aggressive flanking maneuvers and religious zealotry! What more could a guy want for his rep? Now you all know I'm pleased to be have been designated Stonewall, so I'll tell ya: there are two different ways I can fill the quiz out honestly while not making myself look really bad*, and one result is Jackson, the other Grant. How's that for irony?

*I of course elected not to describe myself as "inept."