The Other Kind of Punch

Last night the wife and I enjoyed a 2000 Santa Duc Cairanne Les Buissons. This Rhone wine was good, but not as good as I first had it. Curiously this was not because of excessive aging, as it could still stand a few years (and I still have another bottle which will be reviewed in 2006). The Cairrane is a southern Rhone blend of mostly grenache grapes. For those of you taking the uninhibited quiz, that might help you.

Color: Deep ruby red in the center with light rusting on the edges.

Smell: Cherries, thyme, licorice and the kind of grass you mow.

Taste: Herbs and strawberries up on the front of the mouth, a bit sour on the sides. It definitely had well structured tannins at it was still tingly in my mouth. It filled my mouth very well with flavor hitting all spots on the tongue. The sour part was too sour for my liking, but the wine as a whole was very good. We had it with marinated steak, which admittedly was a poor pairing.

89 points. FYI: The link is to a 2001 vintage wine of similar origin.