The Last One, & The Empty Nest

Sister's getting married:

1. 4:30pm: Drop Kimberly off to help make Rehearsal Dinner.

2. 5pm-6pm: Rehearsal

3. 7pm: Rehearsal Dinner

4. 9ish-very late: Cigars, dominoes, beer.

5. Very late-9am: Sleep

6. 10:30am-12:30pm: Wedding, photos, etc.

7. 1:00pm-?: Reception

8. ?-...: SLEEP

Man, I'm worn out already, and I'm not even getting married. I'm not even in the wedding party! Whew.

She's the last one to go. Then my parents can go to Australia for the summer, and drink lots of good wine, and write us braggy postcards.