JesusLand Judge

Well, this is Wednesday's story, so y'all are probably all over this already: it seems the Honorable Ashley McKathan of Covington County, Alabama, ordered and wore to court a robe with the Ten Commandments embroidered in gold across the front.

The defense attorney for the DUI case McKathan was presiding over filed a motion to have the case "continued" (i.e. "interrupted") because of the robe, but the judge dismissed it. The defense attorney also said that if he lost, his appeal (or couse he'll appeal; always appeal) would include the robe. The lettering on the robe is kind of small, despite the hubbub some God-hating bloggers are making about this quote: "The commandments were described as being big enough to read by anyone near the judge." Gasp! Anyway, the lettering's kind of small...I can just imagine the defense attorney squinting toward the judge's chest, then gasping in horror when he realized he was dealing with one of those "I Heart Law" whackos. His raisiny little heart must've stopped. Well, maybe not...if he loses the case (which he'll be sure to do), this could be the pub opportunity of a lifetime.

So it seems Roy Moore's got a friend down Dothan way. And the Great Divide widens.