A Whole New Circle

Well, Tom Wolfe's making the rounds, promoting his new book, I Am Charlotte Simmons. I'll not be reading it, since he carries his journalistic realism schtick all the way into fictional bedrooms, and spends chapters relating the obscene minutiae of a single sexual episode. Nothing quite like that to bring home the unromantic, deromantic, irromantic, exromantic nature of pagan sex. But Rich talked about that already. Anyway, seeing the Man In White sitting next to John Stewart the other day made me fondly remember the Tom Wolfe I have read. The list is incredible.

Boys and girls of the juried art show, have you read The Painted Word? Oh, the pure awesomenicity of it!

In the spirit of The Painted Word, here is a study for a greater piece one Matt Clark is working on, snagged from his website, which you can visit by clicking on the picture. I've posted stuff of his here before, because he's really good. Someone with money should buy something of his.

The title of this fun piece (or this "preliminary study," I should say)? Virgil and Dante Encounter the Artist Called Picasso as They Journey Through Hell. Huh.