Always Wright

The title of this post refers to a recent LoomeHaunt enjoyed by Rich and self. It occurs to me that Loome probably never will stock Nicholas Tom until one of the Triumvirate suffers an unfortunate premature death, and his library comes up for sale. This is itself an unusual circumstance, because two-thirds of the T. currently are booksellers, and another third should be. So the entire T. would have to depart for Loome to lay their papist hands on them.

Speaking of Loome Booksellers, it still strikes me as odd that the salesgirl told Rich and me that we looked like G.K. Chesterton. Even she admitted that we would need to wear capes and carry canes, and be about 100-150 pounds heavier. I also have heard somewhere that Gilbert himself was about 6'4" (although I may be confusing him with the homosexual British actor Stephen Fry, of Jeeves & Wooster fame, who certainly is of that stature). Moreover, Chesterton was clean-shaven and had longish hair (both unlike any member of the Triumvirate). Hmm. Maybe she didn't see Rich's wedding ring.

And saving the best for last in this post: Trinity Reformed Church began the use of her new liturgy this morning. It involves parts of the Lutheran and Anglican books of worship, and should prove a blessing to us all. Its most obvious innovation is the introduction of added worshipper participation, particularly in kneeling during Confession and expanded responses to the Minister's words. All in all, the new liturgy is a most exciting development for Trinity. Quite apart from watching the changes it works in our life as a congregation and as individuals, it will be interesting to see how many churches will take this as a clarion call to begin their own liturgical reforms.