The Socks Will Come Off (Smartly)

Well, all I am is a purely imitative soul. There's no sense in denying it. While visiting rosearamma's blog a few days back I saw that she had installed a nifty li'l trivia game. It renews daily and is fun, fun, fun. I've installed one on The High Post. 'Cause she has it, and it's cool, so I want it too. If you click on the brussels sprout in the sidebar to your left, you'll be taken to the game, the questions to which are taken from the host's "History & Geography" database. So, boys and girls...embark on a trivia adventure that will knock your socks off! Literally.

No, really...literally.

I'm not kidding.

Also, you might be interested in reading The Post-Modern Medium-Length Catechism. A laugh all its own.