Ugh, I Say. Ugh. Another Hurricane Entry

Hurricane Jeanne has turned sharply westward.

As of 5am this morning, looks like the track puts West Palm Beach (home of the in-laws) directly in the storm path again, and it looks like on Sunday night, Jeanne is over nearby Palatka. But of course, the projected swathe is wide. And note that I used the word "swathe", as in "swathe of destruction." So the swathe could miss us. Right. On the other hand, putting Jeanne right over Palatka is like putting Jeanne right over Gainesville, with these projections. Of course, the centers of Charley and Frances were both at one time or another forecast to go directly through Alachua County, and they didn't.

Do you see how annoying this sort of suspense can be?

There's no way things with Jeanne could be even close to as bad as they were in Haiti, but with the ground already saturated with water, and here in north central Florida the Santa Fe River flooded, I'm not looking forward to this.

Please pray for our state. And our state. At least the panhandle won't get whacked this time.