Some fascinating information about Israeli submarines

The regulars of The High Post need not be informed that Israel is in the vanguard of military, naval, and aviation capabilities in the world today. (Although part of this status is, of course, due to many nations' neglect of matters martial, let us not be uncharitable and fail to give credit where 'tis due. I dare say the Triumvirate itself would be sore pressed to put something half the size of the Israel Defense Forces together in anything less than a month.)

Israel's naval capabilities are frequently overshadowed by the stirring deeds of her air force, but her fleet is nonetheless intriguing. Particularly so is her submarine service, one of only six in the world vested with a nuclear deterrent force; in addition to this, they retain an active ASW, ASuW, and special-operations capability. And we all know that if the Israelis know how to do something, they won't hesitate to do it.

Here is an excellent site giving information about the current Dolphin-class submarines now in service -- technical information of this kind is rarely available on the Internet. (Remarkable how many people think one should still have to go to a building [called a library, archaically enough] in order to answer a question. Dashed cheeky of them, I say.) By going to the home page,, one may find all manner of other information about the Israeli submarine service. They appear most valiant despite the blackness of all their activities.

By clicking on "News," one sees a most interesting story indicating that the Israeli naval chiefs are writing Santa Claus about a follow-on batch of two more Dolphins. Still a pipe dream, but as the MPR show proves, pipe dreams are a whole lot o' joy. And sometimes, they come true....