Sailing The Musical Waters

Here's a clip (sorry, just a clip) of Ferryland Sealer by Newfoundland band Great Big Sea. You should check their site out, listen to some of the clips listed under "The Music." General rule of thumb: the older the album, the better the song. Sad, but true. The fundamental problem with the band is that they started writing more.

Oh, I can't resist. One more. Here, check out The Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man). The drumwork brings up parallel images of naked blue-painted long-bearded warriors, and worn out blue-jeaned industrial workers.

Then there's the ancient case of The Golden Vanity/Sweet Trinity, which the Ferryland Sealer made me think of. The Golden Vanity in different carminal incarnations fought against the Spanish (in the Netherlands), the French, and the Turks. Of course, the Netherlands have the real lowland sea, here's that version. The Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter, Paul, & Mary, and Bob Dylan did versions of it in the sixties...The Chad Mitchell Trio's is definitely worth acquiring, it can be found on Live From The Bitter End.