Here's the preview for FarenHype 9/11. Surely a film worth making, but I wonder where it'll get play.

Certainly not at the Hippodrome State Theater here in town, although they are playing Moore's film. Also this month, Supersize Me and My Mother Likes Women. Those are my tax dollars at work!

The social hub of the American liberal pagan is not the family, and it's not the church, it's the state. The state should be involved in everything communal...including our entertainment, which must, incidentally, be mind-numbingly earnest and pedantic. Have you ever noticed that events at public libraries, whether for children or adults, are overwhelmingly attended by the Granola People? Long live the public library, but mah wife an' chile don't go there for community, we go there for books. The granola people, on the other hand, have no coherent family or neighborhood or church to form a community through; they need that community to be built through the state.