Swayze Sets The Table

Lantana, Afternoon & Night

The brand-new feeder has become the regular lunch

For what the wife now calls the polygamist cardinal

And his two dun females, and this bunch

Of lantana today attracted a handspan-sized

Yellow and black with blue dots butterfly,

Which floated as the baby pointed outside

Through the sliding glass doors to this spot.

Which easily as I write sets the stage tonight:

The end of southern summer, heavy but not hot,

A low red moon; a slow creaking fan,

Me rocking in the chair, radio's on

A new album, listening to a local band.

The album in question is A Shame Play, by Gainesville band Swayze, a new favorite of mine. It's been a long time since I've been this into a local band; in fact, I've never been this into a local band...I've had the album in my player every other time I've turned it on in the past few days. Visit their site, check out a couple of their tracks (download 'em for free).

This is lantana. It looks like a weed until it blooms, but butterflies love it, so people sometimes actually elect to grow it. In front of our l'il deck it's in serious competition with real weeds, and has therefore abandoned any garden mentality it might have had, and has grown pretty wild. It is poisonous, so don't let your babies eat it.