Hiss Boo Bah

What the dilly, yo? I've been very nervous about Team USA since Carmelo Anthony guaranteed gold in the coming Olympics. Let's take the two best international players in the NBA who play Anthony's position: Manu Ginobili, who plays for an Argentinian team many have tapped as the team to beat the US, and Hedo Turkoglu. Neither one of those guys is a Carmelo Anthony (but then again, who is?), but both of those guys fit in great as a number two guy in the offense, ready to knock down a three, which is exactly what Team USA needs. Italy hit fifteen threes (that's forty-five points, boys and girls) yesterday in beating Team USA down 95-78. The Americans hit four. And that kind of shooting is not just a function of having good shooters, which the Americans lack, but of ball movement, which depends on teamwork. Team USA don't have that either (yet). The team's guards and small forwards are all of the break-you-down-one-on-one type, but none of them really have killer jumpshots. Team USA membership is still a status thing, even if it's third tier kind of status. You know that Anthony or Iverson wouldn't be ecstatic about having someone like an Anthony Peeler or Fred Hoiberg on their team, especially if it were at the expense of a Stephon Marbury or Richard Jefferson. Still, you've got to have a team, with all the tools. Instead they've got a roster of penetrators. It's not too hard to defend the drive-and-kick if all you've got is the drive-and-kick.


Well, Germany today, which Team USA will be geared up for. Not only did they lose yesterday, and are now going to have to take these other teams seriously, but the Germans have a name everyone will recognize as a threat: Nowitski. Team USA is going to win today's game, but I'm no longer confident these guys will even medal.


During our recent move I found the long-lost album Beautiful Lazy, by St. Paul, MN, artists The Urban Hillbilly Quartet. Here's Puck's Blues, from their most recent album. Or do you need to prepare your soul for The Great Atomic Power? Visit the site, it's MP3 rich, and they've got some fun reels and jigs going on. Who knew funkiness could come from that part of the country?