For Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen

It is good to always be pushing our brothers and sisters to greater spiritual maturity. It is good to want communal sanctification, and to pray for it not only for ourselves, but our families, and our church. And our Church.

It is not good to be so obsessed with having a certain kind of church (missionary-minded, youth-oriented, praying more, more hospitable, etc) that you end up defining the "really Christian" Christians in your church as the folks who share your particular passion. Maybe being at a church one isn't too happy with is like being wife to a man who's a fat slob. That sort of situation can degenerate into one where divorce is appropriate (neglect/abandonment), but instead it usually turns out to be a place for the wife to seek to serve. There's no denying it's a hard place to be, but it's the place God has put you, and real change can happen when gospel servitude is displayed.

One should never bring a "for many are called, but few are chosen" attitude into one's own church.