The Sun Never Sets On The Union Jack, Etc.

First, someone please explain to me how Britain thinks it can "adapt its forces to tackle modern threats including terrorism" by cutting the number of infantrymen in the armed forces. The Defense Secretary seems to think tech is the way to go, but come on, nothing can compete with presence on the ground, and, for that matter, nothing can improve tech performance like presence on the ground.

Sure, the Brits still have all that awesome specops power, but it's hard to (oh, let's pull a random operation out of a hat) conduct a sweep through a mountain range with a six-man SAS team, even if they are the hardest men in the world.

You might need a few Royal Fusiliers. Or Royal Marines. Or etc.

On another front, this decision "amounts to censorship." Well, duh: censor:
to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable. Nothing intrinsically wrong with censorship (e.g. I think you're ugly and I want to remove your mug from my photo albums). "Censor" is another of those words like "rhetoric," used as if it were a morally negative word, and it really shouldn't be. Plus, I hate Doonesbury, so that means it's a good decision. They even called me first.