Saturday Morning's All Right

So I call a new guy at the church to see if he wants to go out for a cup of joe. He says, Sure, Saturday's good, how about one o'clock? And I say, All right, why don't we meet at the Starbuck's downtown, it's nicer than the one on 13th street. He says, Okay, but I'm new to Gainesville, where's the downtown Starbucks? So I say, Well, what's a landmark you'd recognize...I've got it. Do you know where Hooters is?


We've got a beautiful downtown, as you can see. Hooters is secreted away to the right of the palm tree at the bottom right.

Since we do have a beautiful downtown, and wife n' chile are out of town, I think I might wander around a bit down there, and sip some coffee before I head on over to dad's for cigars at nine tonight. The good life is out there somewhere, so stay on my arm, you little charmer. Oh, wait, there's the good life! Right around the corner. Perhaps I'll top tonight off with a contented sigh. A good contented sigh should make the sound a fork does as it slices through cheesecake. You know the sound.

My only regret is that the sun sets so late...well, for a Florida boy.

And in case any of you are concerned for my health and gennul well-being, don't be: Kimberly's back tomorrow afternoon.

In this article from The Independent Florida Alligator (what a great name) Wal-Mart plays a surprising role. But perhaps I should not be surprised: Wal-Mart is all things to all people. And of course, Sgt. Walt Hamby is correct, an all-night Wal-Mart is a perfect place to go when one fears for one's safety at night. Even better than the police station.