The Heebie-Jeebies

The headline at this morning:

Minorities and Women Faithful to Dems.

The pic is of a black woman dancing in the aisles of the DNC. Forgetting the spin in that sort of language, and conceding that 90% of the black vote is Democratic, how on earth does 54% of women voting for the party indicate "faithful to Dems"?

Not that this isn't a big deal. If the electorate is split down the middle nation-wide, then at least 4% (and as much as 8%) of households must be divided politically. And that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Is that math right? I feel as if I should have another cup of joe.


From the Axios Institute: "The Words of Jesus strips away all but the essence of Jesus' thought and lets the reader go right to the heart of the sayings. It presents every one of Jesus' words, as recorded in the New Testament, without the intervening stories and other dialogue.

Now, for the first time, every saying and parable is allowed to stand on its own, without comment, without adornment. Presented in this way, Jesus' words are fresh and immediate. The Words of Jesus is startling in its simplicity.

It's a new way to study Jesus' teachings. It presents Jesus' words—words heard over and over in one particular context—but now without the benefit (or the burden) of familiarity."

I received this in the mail at the church office today, and honestly believed I was looking at a Christian publication (horror!). I was relieved to find that the Axios Institute (whatever it may be) "is not affiliated with, nor does it propound or express the views of, any particular religion, philosophy, or organized system of thought." They do sell a book entitled: Nonsense: A Handbook of Logical Fallacies. But they don't do any of that espousing stuff. Anyway, I feel better now that I know these aren't Jewish moneychangers in the yard of the temple; after all, we've been used to having those outside the covenant hustle us on temple grounds for a while. As for who they are?...rather vague, but the "link" page on their site is revealing.