Europe Always On The Edge

Look, a GPS-mapped system that ensures that a car drives under the speed limit. Make very special note of point 5. You might need it later.

Visit the story here. It will take a few short years for the system to be installed over there, and a few more for it to get over here (at least in the cities...can you fathom a system like that being set up on the drive between Dothan and Pensacola?). When it does, I want to get some benefits for the surrender of liberty: I want the whole car to drive itself. In fact, why not just have personal railcars on raised lines between cities? Economical, energy efficient, environmentally friendly...

Speaking of environmentally friendly, there's been on-and-off talk of building a bullet train between Tampa and Orlando. Gotta do it, man, gotta do it. Governor Bush keeps resisting it, he says he's afraid it will turn into a public monies pit-o'-oblivion, and that is distinctly possible. Still, I hope the State of Florida manages to figure something not-too-stupid out. And,'s supposed to be built. Referendum passed.

The first leg of the line would be Tampa-Orlando, and then Orlando-Miami. But it seems logical that, if the system's a success, the next two lines would be: Miami-Daytona (or Miami-Jacksonville) for the tourist spots and the South Beach-Boca Raton shopping axis, and Tampa-Gainesville, for the University and the quick link that would effect between Orlando, Tampa, and Gainesville. You can see Tampa and Ocala melding together, and you can see Gainesville and Ocala melding together. If we're going to be one big met-area, it'd be nice to be able to access downtowns and museums, etc., with little difficulty.

I love public transportation when it's good. It's so...communal. And I especially love subways & trains.