Cinnamon In My Beer

The Wall Street Journal's perennially interesting Opinion Page, with mushy teenage Christianity.

On the political front, there's nothing like cartoons (no, it's not the very popular Kerry-Edwards "let's get it on" thang). Also, more strong shtuff from the Wall Street Journal, this time from that Mormon freaky-sci-fi Speaker For the Dead author Orson Scott Card: High Bias, in which he uses a favorite pejorative of mine, "pussyfooting."

This week my brother gets married, and I am best man (true 'nough). The wedding will take place Friday evening at Westside Baptist, which is a huge place, but it's not going to look cavernously empty, as I'd thought it would be when they first announce the wedding (both Jon and Beth are members there). I underestimated the togedderness of Beth's Destin family. I'm glad he's marrying a panhandle girl (them's real, if you understand me).

I'm looking forward to this week, even if everybody will be sleepwalking. Jon's new job at Shands Hospital has him working crazy shifts (crazy in breadth and depth), there will be visitors galore, bachelor party...I hope he has enough energy left for the luna de miel.

Sweet like candy to my soul...

So much to do. So much to say:

Oh, yes...the girl's now taking some tottering steps. Which is just as well, because Coley Privette is way ahead of her now. In a one-on-one matchup right now, she has the weight, but he definitely has the mobility; gotta train, gotta work hard, baby.

But it's not a competition thing.