Vice President Cheney's outburst was probably very satisfying for him, and nobody really seems to have minded that he did it.

Let's review the evidence:

1. gathered for a photo-op, Senators are milling about when Leahy starts talking about Halliburton allegations.

2. Leahy then decides to chat about Republican "accusations" that Democrats are being anti-Catholic by pushing abortion.

3. Leahy is the Vermont defector from the GOP who made such a self-righteous display back when.

No doubt, Cheney gave in to a temptation he shouldn't have. I sympathise. Wholeheartedly. I'm a-smilin'.

Speaking of smiling (I thought this was interesting, and that's what matters), if you image google Senator Leahy you have to wait until you get to the bottom of page three before you see him not wearing a little smile. Compare to the range in the same search for Dick Cheney.

Can you imagine these two cuddlebugs yelling at each other?

OK, that's a little over the top.

Same to you, buddy.