It's A Series

Turkoglu and the Spurs didn't do it, Hoiberg and the Wolves couldn't pull it off, but Big Ben and the Pistons just might.

I don't know if the Pistons gave tonight's game away or if the Lakers took it from them or if it was a little of both (and no disrespect meant to Kobe's shot), but either way, we've got a series here. Detroit takes one in L.A. and loses the other in overtime, playing good D and rebounding big, all pumped up, they just might take both in Detroit. The next game's the big test, 'cause for once the Lakers will be charged as much as their opponents for once.

The Lakers actually got fun to watch for a while, when Kareem Rush and Luke Walton were on the floor at the same time. Spin moves, fadeaways, and inside bounce passes, and all, like, for real, in the offense. 'Bout time we saw some shmooven from the Lakers.

(What Kobe does isn't smooth, it's just raw power. That three to tie it, and that runner off the glass for his first hoop in OT, he doesn't shoot them, he throws them in, wills them in. You can tell because his will-shots knuckle, while his normal FGAs are more the straight release) now I'm backing one more team to knock down the mission abort that is the Laker team concept. And maybe, just maybe...

But if I'm honest with myself, I know the chances are slim.