Hockey In Margaritaville

Wow. A team an entire nation was cheering for, led by a man who was born in that team's home-province (albeit on the turf of the great Oilers), loses the Stanley Cup to a team nobody outside of Tampa cares about.

I understand that both teams are loaded down with Russians and Eastern Canadians, that professional teams are never composed of hometown heroes anymore, but people don't play hockey at all down here. I couldn't bring myself to cheer against the Lightning yesterday, but I couldn't cheer for them either.

We're less than two hours from Tampa, and the Gainesville Sun's front page reporting of Game 7 consisted of the following in the upper right-hand corner: Lightning 2 Flames 1 Complete Coverage In Sports. There were no photos.

On a more loyal note to the great State of Florida, I want to know when the Bucs and Magic are going to log championships, as both the Marlins and the Lightning have done in the last year.


What the...? I still can't believe we're hockey champions. That's got to make a lot of people sick.