Crusader In A Catapult

Here's a picture of a Crusader in a catapult (love the image that evokes, didn't Billy Collins write something about time itself and body parts in catapults...?). It's a French Crusader, or I should say, the French bought it from us. You'd think from hearing the news that the French haven't been manly since they went from the hard-c ending to the soft-c, but you'd be wrong. They had Crusaders back in the 1970s.

The absolute coolest part of the mediocre film Thirteen Days was their use of real F8 Crusaders for the runs over Cuba. Very cool...especially since it would probably have been much easier to get F4s, and few would have cared. But I cared, and I appreciated it. Speaking of the Cuban Missile Crisis, I just saw The Fog of War. What a fantastic movie...I'm glad I finally got around to seeing it. I've wanted to for months, but for one reason or another...

McNamara really is a brilliant guy; he describes a memory he had when he was all of two in 1918, and he says that he doesn't expect us to believe that he has that memory. As far as I'm concerned, if the guy's brain is as crystalline as it is now, when he's 85, I'm willing to believe he has clear memories from his second year of life. Incredibly lucid guy, and a very emotional series of interviews. Errol Morris (director) also did a great job, with some great effect shots and a wonderful sense of cine-chronology. Worth owning.