Come Here, Bro!

Sad limericks inspired by yesterday's sermon:

There is a young woman named Mabel
Who sits at the Christian table
With no thought or care
Toward her sisters there,
But drinks just as much as she's able.

I know of a strong man named Neal
Who sits to the Christian meal
And eats to High Heaven,
But not to the leaven
Of that he could touch or could feel.

"Let us remember that this sacred feast is medicine to the sick..."
Jean Calvin


This Jacksonville songstress is back in town (at Common Grounds) on July 3: Tracy Shedd. Here's a favorite: Faint Pale Smiles.


How 'bout that confidence-inspiring EU? Maybe the Irish were right those few years ago...but now it's too late.

The fact that so many people in Eastern Europe refused to cast their votes, it believes, "reflects their protest against the terms in which the EU enlargement negotiations have been conducted".

A commentary in Hungary's Magyar Hirlap casts a cynical eye over the whole process, telling its readers that: "You have elected deputies to something which is not a parliament."

It also warns them against "becoming disappointed with the EU at some later stage", because, it says, "we already know what it is like."

See the rest at BBC.