Bigmouth Strikes Again

"The catcher hits for .318 and catches every day,

The pitcher puts religion first and rests on holidays.

He goes into cathedrals and lies prostrate on the floor,

He knows the drink affects his speed, he's praying for a doorway

Back into the life he wants and the confession of the bench;

Life outside the diamond is a wrench."

-Stuart Murdoch, Piazza, New York Catcher, concerning whom you may have heard rumors. Which? What?

Ran into this post on a recent Morrissey hubbub, pretty funny post, disappointed in Morrissey, but not surprised. One interesting thing about the post linked to above, which is at I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery (to which slogan I'll give an amen), is the fact that all the lyric lines quoted are from Morrissey's Smiths days. Has-been. Bye-bye.

Morrissey has found religion, according to an NPR review of his latest album I heard last week (and which you can hear here if you've Windows Media Player). Some of the clips heard during the review were unendurably clumsy. But back to the have found religion: lyrics like I have forgiven Jesus for all the desire/He placed in me/when there's nothing I can do with this desire are sad, I understand...and he's not the first to feel that way, this is Augustinian flesh-fear, really. Jesus-do you hate me?/why did you stick me in self-deprecating bones and skin? I know guys who have been/are going through journeys similar to Morrissey's. I understand that there are questions some converts have to ask themselves about fitting into Christian society productively (he said unironically), but I have forgiven Jesus? That's not repentance. Repentance accepts responsibility.

The biggest Morrissey fan I knew ran a bar here in town, dawdled with the idea of becoming a Roman priest (we had some conversations about that one), and moved out of town. The last I heard about him was when eavesdropping on a conversation two friends of his were having. Apparently he's "come out of the closet," which surprised one of the conversants. The surprised one was told not to be naive, everybody had known way back when that he was gay except the Morrissey fan himself. Right. Except this guy talking to him, and me. Maybe we really were the only ones; or maybe everyone read temptation back into the whole man; or maybe they have no category for temptation. That's really what it is. I guess I need to learn that certain people are gay, and that's just how it is.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe Morrissey's on the right track.

P.S. Meanwhile, ugly rumors about Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch and his religion are circulating. Anyone who's worried by them should be comforted by the fact that they're rumors. That's all they are. Hidden. Shadowy. Snuffed.

Or are we looking at years-long conversions as they unfold? Are we looking at more T.S. Eliots? Don't be scared!