Spare the Rod

From the brilliant folks at John Hopkins University:

"Researchers were surprised to find that 39 percent of all children younger than 2 had been spanked at least once in the previous week. And those children who were spanked received an average of 3.4 spankings in the previous week.

The study is not the first to show a link between spanking and behavioral problems. And other studies have shown that these problems are more pronounced in white, non-Hispanic children.

But this is the first study to show the effects of spanking or other physical punishment in children under the age of 2. "

Maybe, just maybe...these kids were going through what is technically known as "an itchy period." I mean, come on, don't any of these people have kids? "Surprised to find" that a kid who was misbehaving at school was misbehaving at home as well? Give me a break.

It's so stupid I can't really say any more.

Actually, it doesn't seem as if the study is that off its rocker. But I think it is noteworthy that the quoted above is what thinks is news. The article is here, and the headline is Spare the Rod.

Also from ABC News, this time on the radio this past Friday, news of the 20,000-strong gathering of evangelical ministers to discuss marriage, or "marriage." Who does Dan Rather interview for opinion on the event? The head of the homosexual protestors gathered outside fully 2,000 strong. The guy started going into how proud he was of everybody for showing up to protest, and how he didn't really know what was going on inside, but aren't we protestors great, etc. Maybe Rather then spoke to some of the ministers. I don't know. I didn't hang around on my radio dial.