I Make A Sad Song...A Sad Sad Song

Here's a tune from an artist Daniel Ward turned me on to: Vincent O'Brien, by M. Ward. M. Ward is going to be in Minneapolis when I'm up there with Rich. Hey, Rich, tell me what you think of this tune...is it the sort of thing you could get into? This version has an annoying electronic hum in much of the background that didn't exist in the first version I heard. Matador's website describes his voice as sepia-toned...sadly, "sepia-toned," whether in music or photo catalogs, will always make me think of being in Baghdad, preparing to face-off against the Antichrist.

I went to see Elf Power on Friday. Well, I don't know if I "went" to see them. It was at Common Grounds, so I just walked in (hooray for them being to embarrassed to rescind privileges I certainly no longer deserve...) and sat at the bar while one of the opening bands played. Dan Ward had called earlier in the week to see if I wanted to go, but it slipped my mind until that very Friday, when the wife n' chile were firmly ensconced in bed and I (as frequently) insomniac. When Dan called, I managed to appear knowledgeable, but in reality, the first I'd heard of Elf Power was reading Andy Montgomery's blog the previous week. Anyway, Friday night: Dan, of course was there, but he's the sort of fellow likes to be near-ish the stage. I'm the sort of fellow sits at the bar, away from the press. There was no chatting. I waited for an hour or so before Elf Power even came on, but when they did, I enjoyed the show. Good pop music. Didn't blow me away at any point, but was constantly appealing. Here's some Elf Power action. Very cool in a "hey, that's cool"-compress-the-lips-nod-the-head sort of way...and the Moog action was fantastic. I left around 1:30 and the show was still going strong...I'm not that young anymore, but I'm glad of it.