I Might Be Dumb. I Might Be Giant.

One night when I was layin' down,

I heard papa and mama talk.

I heard papa tell mama,

"Let that boy boogie-woogie.

It's in 'im, an' it's got to come out."

An' I felt so good, went on boogien' just the same!

I've put together a new mix, which I'm digging much:

Cowboy Junkies: I'm So Open

Townes Van Zandt: If I Needed You

Tracy Shedd: Faint Pale Smiles

Norway: Synthesizer

finechina: Give Us Treble

Radiohead: You And Whose Army?

Portishead: Wandering Stars

Belle & Sebastian: Dog On Wheels

Donovan: Sunshine Superman

John Lee Hooker: Boogie Chillen

Howlin' Wolf: Evil

Synthesizer is one of my favorite all-time songs, for this very simple reason:

My synthesizer talks to me,

My synthesizer told me to be free.

Then it said,

You can't synthesize love.

I mean, how awesome is that?

Reading Gordon H. Clark's Sanctification, read about half of it last night (it's small), and I'm getting kind of annoyed at him. Growing knowledge is said to be a necessary corollary to sanctification (which I'll agree with, perhaps wanting to downgrade it to "accidental corollary," no, that's silly, rather to simply "corollary"), and he pretty clearly defines knowledge as a data set, and "apprehension" not as "grasping," but more as the ability to formulate ideas. I know I'm being snide, but I wonder if he's going to tell me how dumb people are to be sanctified. Maybe it's a new mind thing. Or a new brain thing.

Will we all be smart as einsteinian whips post-Resurrection?

I'll talk more about this when I finish the three book Pastor Marion Clark (no relation) passed on to me, all Gordon H.'s: Sanctification, Atonement, and The Doctrine of Man.

I wonder if I'm dumb.