A decent Final Four: the semifinal games were great, even if the final was weak.

I had two stated goals in watching the Final Four (they're "goals" 'cause my watching affects how things play out on the court): I didn't want two ACC teams in the final, and I didn't want Duke to win it all. Of course, both of those were met before the final, but there were a few moments of suspense. I was happy for Ga. Tech when they won, but it meant I was really invested (spiritually, I mean, not financially) in the second game on Saturday. I was very happy when Okafor blew up in that second half.

Here's to goals achieved.

I complained once before of the supreme lameness displayed by the Wall Street Journal in actually demanding money for the right to read it. I know it's Tuesday/Wednesday, but if you can, go read Christopher Cooper's piece in the Monday, April 5 edition: How A Marine Lost His Command In Race to Baghdad. It's a report on the a general's stripping a colonel of his command in the middle of the fighting last year. There's really not enough for the reader to decide whether the decision was right and beneficial (nor is the reader supposed to), but the article ends up being a very interesting look at modern U.S. and especially USMC doctrine. Check it out if you've the time.

P.S. Did y'all know that Gene Hackman was a U.S. Marine?