Dear Dairy, Today I Got Some Bad Milk. Please Send Me A Refund.

Today the shirt and tie thing is a strain. Today Florida is renascent. There are two Springs here. The first, in February, is the plain ol' warming up from winter. The first big leaf-fall of the year hits as the winter-leaves are pushed out by young go-getter leaves. The weather is not too hot, and the air is pleasantly dry. Now, in April, the second Spring hits. It's not burning hot, yet, but now it will rain regularly. The air is heavy. Clothes wilt. If it must be humid, then I look forward to summer, when we'll probably see rain every afternoon. A respite each day.

In honor of today's wilting clothes, I wish to post this photo of my father's:

Happier notes, and a continuation of this very bloggy blog entry (dear diary, I mean):

Today I ate lunch sitting at my desk, and lunch consisted of a garbanzo bean salad and some pork loin action. These were leftovers from last night. I want to tell you what I had for dinner last night.

1. One of my favorite all-time salads: peas (cooked so that they pop, no mushiness, then chilled), onions, cilantro, rice vinegar, oil, lots o' pepper.

2. Garbanzo bean salad, with scallions, green peppers, a ton of olive oil and some vinegar.

3. Potatoes, mostly smashed, with a little parsley, not hot, not cold, which was great for the parsley.

4. Pork loin roasted in an orange, soy, and ginger (lots of ginger) sauce.

I'm usually not a huge fan of pork loin (it's a'ight), but last night...hmmm. Don't tell my mom (she rarely reads this): Kim's is better than hers. I'm sure it's the sauce.

Headed off from that incredible dinner to the High School boy's Bible study we have at the Ox, enjoyed a fine study on head coverings (a topic some of them had been eagerly anticipating for a while), and then swung by the parental manse. Walked in as they were starting to watch House of Sand and Fog . Stayed.

Wow. That film was the perfect tragedy, complete in every detail. Perfect as in made all around, not one thing missing. The weak suffered because they were weak, and the strong because they were strong. Worth watching in the same way Aeschylus is worth reading. And Jennifer Connoly's brilliant blue eyes against her pale skin and dark hair mean you always think she's lying. Although the perceived lie is not just in the color...her eyes are too often downcast. Basically, she was brilliantly cast and played her part well. Ben Kingsley kicked butt. Not edifying, but informative.

That must mean it was edifying, huh?

Finished Sanctification, Gordon H. Clark. Singing: Sanctification, it's getting me down. It was actually a very interesting read, informative about different theological approaches (esp. interesting when the re was the egregiously-in-error). I'd say about a third of this book on sanctification was on the sacraments, which is cool, although that section was much less "how do the sacraments contribute to your sanctification" than it was general sacramental theology and history. The Lord's Supper (which we celebrate at Faith tonight, yay!) is said to be instrumental in one's sanctification, but is only efficacious if you understand it (dare I say, efficacious to the degree it is understood). Clark says sat one point that the effect of the Lord's Supper is an intellectual one, the the sanctification gained from it comes through your understanding what the sacrament signifies, and the reminder that it is to you.

You can see this is ground many of us have been around some recently. Still a lot of bullet holes in the walls, a lot of craters by the road, and the village folk are still wary of treading on a mine. I'm going to leave the town behind at this point. Might be back some day. Just following up 'cause I said I would.

I like the name Vera very much for our next girl (Kimberly is not pregnant), but Kimberly thinks of the Pink Floyd song Vera Lynn whenever I mention it. Not that she ever listens to Pink Floyd. I guess I sang it in the shower one too many times.

I have no regrets there.