Time Among The Pine Trees

Perhaps you recall that I was inspired by Neil Young to compose a CD Mix o' Melancholy. I am listening to it now. In fact, I am listening to the climax of the CD: Townes Van Zandt's Silver Ships of Andilar. If you've never heard Van Zandt, you should...well, by "hear" I mean "listen", since he died in 1997. In fact, I first got clued into Van Zandt by watching an Austin City Limits tribute to him after his death: Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark, Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, et others doing all these great songs. I was hooked right away. A great buy is this, which combines two of his albums, High, Low, and In Between, and The Late Great Townes Van Zandt. There are ballads (like Andilar, which is inspired by The Silmarillion), Baptist-y hymns, redneck songs o' abandonment and broken hearts, and honky-tonk saloon-piano gambling tunes. Worth checking out.

On a not unrelated note, my parents just returned from NYC, and pop bought me a few cigars. One day soon I will go sit out on the deck-thingy we've got, smoke a cigar, and listen to Townes.