Roll, Tide!

One of my favorite scenes in all moviedom is from Crimson Tide. Gene Hackman has just given a speech to the crew of the U.S.S. Alabama, standing in the rain, when he suddenly yells out: "Go, 'Bama!" and his crew responds, "Roll, Tide!"

I'm with the crew of the U.S.S. Alabama. Thank goodness especially for Alabama basketball. After South Carolina's tough loss to Memphis, Florida's big choke in the first round, Kentucky's fall to UAB, and Mississippi State's loss to Xavier, the honor of the SEC was (still is?) imperiled. Vanderbilt did well, got to the Sweet Sixteen, exceeded expectations, but fell last night to UConn: wasn't a bad game, got down by twenty early, fought back to within seven, ended up losing by twenty. A tough fight with big stud Matt Freije going 3-18. But Alabama, oh, 'Bama! still rolling, got to the final Eight (called by the lame-oes out there the "Elite Eight"). They'll have to face UConn now, but they're on fire, rolling.

And even if Alabama does go down in the final Eight, I have a toast to propose. Hail first to the Vanderbilt Commodores, for a good fight. But especially to the Tide: success to you and confusion to your enemies. You hold our honor in your hands. Roll, Tide!