Red Shoes

Today my little girl is wearing a jean-ish dress with ruffles and red floral patterns, with a little pair of red shoes on her seldom utilized feet.

I saw that, and inspired by her cuteness, broke into song:

Let's dance! Put on your red shoes

and dance the blues.

And that put me in mind of the fine TV spots that ran about four years ago with that tune playing in the background, as a hype-up for March Madness (the Big Dance). It even flashed to players wearing red shoes. As I recall, the spot also played this part of the song:

If you say run, I'll run with you

If you say hide, we'll hide.

Because my love for you

Would break my heart in two,

If you should fall

Into my arms

And tremble like a flower.

These were obviously men who understood the power and love of team basketball. I hope we see a little of that lovin' this weekend.

I'd like to see Ga Tech go all the way, but only if Duke loses to UConn. I definitely don't want two ACC teams in the final. But then, you know that.

The girl should be crawling any day now. By then I think she'll be ready for a mini-basketball.

One of my favorite memories of Moscow doesn't really involve any Muscovites: sitting at the bar in The Garden, playing The Man Who Sold The World on the juke while it rained outside. Nice.