Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace

De Lima a La Paz, La Paz, La Paz.

Un paso p'ra tras, p'ra tras, p'ra tras!

When I was eighteen I composed, very badly, an essay about the corrosion of society that would inevitably follow the desintegration of morality. How silly and melodramatic of me! But I was young...

In a completely unrelated field, I was depressed by the Spanish reaction to the train-bombings in Madrid. So many of the mourners/marchers who took to the streets had "PAZ" (peace) painted on their placards, which admittedly is an easy word to put on a placard (easier than, say, "venga-nos" "avenge us"), and white-for-peace painted on their hands, not white-for-death or red-for-war. One AP report I read quoted a woman as saying something like, "I am not mad at Bush. I am mad at my own government. If it does turn out to be Al Quaeda, it doesn't take a genius to realize that it's because of our involvement with the Iraqi war." Two days after the bombing Muslims are arrested, but little other information (except nationality) is released. Suddenly there are protests from non-Muslim Spaniards, who object must obviously be a staged arrest, 'cause they arrested the most likely profile...but if it's the most likely profile, maybe it', musn't think that way.

And now...I give you the new Zapatero government: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Shoemaker), president-elect of Spain on the Socialist ticket. He has promised that all the Spanish troops in Iraq will be brought home by June 30.

...and this is the home of the Matamoros and El Cid! Well, you know, 500 years of independence from Islam is a pretty good payoff for 600 years of fighting for it. You've had a good run, but now it's time to throw in the towel.