Lovett's Electric Genius

Am finally putting together the CD o' Melancholy I've been thinking about for a while. Listening to Lyle Lovett right now:

...and if I were like lightning

I wouldn't need no sneakers,

I'd come and go wherever I would please.

And I'd scare 'em by the shade tree,

And I'd scare 'em by the light pole,

But I would not scare my pony on my boat out on the sea.

Lyle often makes me feels sad, especially the tune L.A. County. I listened to a lot of Lyle during my first summer in Moscow, which I enjoyed very much, but I spent it wifeless...I listened to Laura Ingraham every day, often going on long drives. L.A. County was often played on returns from commercial breaks.

Bad days, when a country singer, a kitten, and a radio talk-show hostess had to substitute for the wife.