The Conference of Demon Deacons and Blue Devils Reigns

As an intro to those of you who read my 'Bama entry, but had no idea what the SEC was and lacked the interest to google it, the SEC (besides being a government financial watchdog) is the Southeastern Conference. The SEC is made up of schools from Arkansas in the west to South Carolina in the east, and Kentucky in the north to Florida in the south.

Well, Alabama went down over the weekend, after a good run, and despite the obvious spiritual boost my endorsement gives any basketball team. Hooray for Alabama, but boo to Kintuck and Floor-da (the spelling isn't a pejorative, I just feel like writing in a southern accent). So the SEC has gone down, no shame in not having any representatives in the Final Four, but it's still hard to take...the ACC has two teams in the Final Four. I don't think I can face my father-in-law.

Yesterday I wore my basketball tie to the worship service. 'Tis the season for seasonal ties.

The best thing about these basketball entries is that none of the people who read this blog could care less. But I know that somehow this boosts reader loyalties. The charm of my prose or something like that smacks you upside the head. Go drink an avocado shake. They're good. Half and avocado, enough milk to liquefy it, maybe a touch of lemon juice, and a tablespoon of condensed milk. H'mm!