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A Little Room

The glory of a desert sky at night

Is its open road.

If a man look up from any ravine

Near El Paso,

Its stone walls will be nothing

To the exaltation of wide open space above,

And each star he sees will be another world of sky.

It is for its sky

That the desert is home to wandering men.

If you are tired one night,

If you would rest,

Stand in the grass of a southern savannah.

You will find it is a little room with cloudy walls.

Perhaps a star will peek in at you

Through a foggy window,

And if the clouds be place higher than the moon,

A gentle lamp will be turned on.

The above is a Florida poem, and although my dad hasn't any picture of a scene like that I've described, he has plenty of great-looking Florida shots. Below is the tallest waterfall in all the state of Florida; perhaps the photo will lead you to guess this truth: Florida is the flattest state in the Union.

You can order this and other fantastic prints from his site.