Yesterday we had rain, and it was great rain. It rained all of Saturday night and into Sunday, not a heavy rain, but a fat-dropped rain, which made for a very soothing sound as it hit the road outside. After worship on Sunday there was rain and mist, and as we drove home we hit a patch of sunlight in which rain was falling steadily. I love those patches!

Coming out of church yesterday, I told Kimberly how much I liked that sort of rain, and how much I'd missed it in Idaho. She agreed wholeheartedly.

But can man ever be content?

Because I'm not looking forward to summer here. And every once in a while I'll check out Moscow's kuoi; if you enter their site, you can see a bit of Moscow from a live "tower-cam," which I suppose is up on the "I" watertower. The snow-covered, that'd be nice.

You just gotta be content where'er you be, I guess...unless you're in Minneapolis.