Wow, That Is Cool

No, this will not be turning into a blog in Portuguese...I'm just being cool. The new title makes me cool. Look: "ooh, cool." See?

I'll be fitting right in with the blogger scene, though. Any of you who use blogger have seen that half the blog titles in "Recently Published Blogs" when you log into blogger are in anudder language. I'm here to tell you that once I saw French, but otherwise, it's all Portuguese. Seems blogger is the Choice for Brazil!

Primavera means "spring" in Portuguese and Spanish. Who knows, maybe Italian too. It's also Latin for First Truth. Cool.

Maybe I should change this site's layout/design if it's going to be called SpringTime.

The subtext/title is I Chronicles 20:1. I think it's fun that the translation from Portuguese says that Joab took the flower of the army out in spring...that's just fun. That ain't no Papa Smurf flower. All the English versions I checked just said "army" or "armed forces," except, of course, for the AV, which said "the power of the army." You could say that Joab was into "flower-power." That's as poetic as you get. And of course, I speak no Hebrew. I have more fun this way.

Wow, that is cool. Wow, that is cool. Wow, that is cool. Wow, that is cool.