The Vine Ingrafted Me & I Clung To The Tree

Currently digging a little Johnny Cash ("God" from that 3-CD set Love, God, Murder), and man, two great tunes in a row that just get my rocking...The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All is a stupid song, and I'm sorry Johnny ever recorded it, but it's followed by Redemption ("from his hands it came down, from his side it came down...") and The Great Speckled Bird, a great tune about the imperfect church who is nonetheless worthy of honor, and who will eventually bear him up to heaven (funny how extra ecclesiam nula salus is so palatable when sung by a Baptist country singer). And hey, I love it, even if when, in Redemption, Johnny sees right "through the tricks of old Six Sixty Six," and he doesn't mean Kaiser Nero.

And those two tunes are followed by Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, When He Comes, The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea, Were You There (with June), Man In White (about the Apostle Paul), and Belshazzar (he had concubines and wives, he called his Babylon Paradise, on his throne he drank and ate, but for Belshazzar it was getting late.)

H'mm hmm!

Now if only I didn't have to always skip The Greatest Cowboy...*sigh*

...he loves all his little dogies...