I'm really not too excited about the coming release of The Passion of the Christ, but I'd been having trouble formulating my why. I'm all for artistic representations of Jesus Christ; I think it's an important way of affirming our belief in a real Incarnation. And whether he has blue eyes or not is not so important. What's important is that we portray him as a real man. So...the idea of the movie was making me wiggly and uncomfortable. But why should a painting that moves and talks and lasts for two hours be wrong? Because there's more potential for error and therefore blasphemy? That didn't quite cut it...if it's not wrong to portray the man Jesus.

And then Kimberly summed it up for me. Pithy, almost sloganish, but this one does cut it: You can't act like Jesus. Certainly you and I are called to be like Jesus, and we pray that in many ways (and more each day) we are, but when in comes to portraying the Second Adam, you can't act like Jesus.

Thanks for clarifying that for me, wifey.