Found an article from Prospect Magazine in Great Britain at A & L Daily this morning. Its conclusion is below...and to think that this has been a fear of Europeans for years. I have to laugh now, but maybe 'tis true 'tis true...and my grandchildren will laugh a different laugh. An Isaac sort of thing.

"But to believe that the US is about to turn into a theocracy is to misunderstand both America and its believers. Nor, because of the importance of the religious right, will the US close its borders to non-Christians. (Europeans, in fact, although less religious than Americans, are also more likely to insist on the Christian character of their societies in the face of Muslim immigration than Americans.) America's conservative Christians are as American as they are Christian and conservative. And that I find reassuring, because it tells me that if they have to choose between old-time religion and the seductions of modernity, they are more likely to opt for the latter."