Rice, Beans, Bratwurst...Where's The Beer?

Last night Kimberly made me a very happy man by setting before me for dinner rice, very garlicky beans, manioc flour, and a bunch o' bratwurst! Yes! But I found myself absolutely longing for a Bass, and there was no beer in the house. To console myself I did visit Bass Ale's website, which is really cool...such pretty colors. They have a "Since 1777" section with all sorts of nifty historical anecdotes. Worth a visit.

I can thank Bass for one of the most groundbreaking and intimate moments Kimberly and I had when we were dating. She is, of course, a painter, and can talk at length about just about any movement post-1500 and many pre-. She was flipping through one of her books, and she showed me Le Bar aux Folies-Bergère by Edouard Manet, and I said..."Hey, that's a Bass!" Our greatest joys, united in one beautiful work...aah!

According to Bass' website, Bass can be found in more than one of Manet's paintings...I might have to look into this.