John Brown's Body Lies A-Moulderin'

Perhaps if Christians really believed killing a dozen human cells in the womb was murder there would be civil war. Forget a couple of cells, what about partial-birth abortion?

If Christians really believed, some modern-day John Brown would seize a small-town clinic, kill a couple of the nocent, a couple of the innocent, and...

The reality is: no one would flock to that banner...he would be only a slightly larger Paul Hill. Captain Robert E. Lee and his squad of Marines (did you know Lee was the one who took out John Brown?) with H&K set to rock n' roll would kick down the doors and...

Songs would be written, and because half the population was against murder as had been previously defined politicos would be thrust in as dividers: "I promise you, if Lincoln is elected we will secede and ensure civil war."

John Brown's body lies a-moulderin' in the grave...

Why have there not been more Paul Hills?

Tighten The Perimeter

I know why, and it's's smacks of wussiness on a massive scale. It's the same cowardice that lets the general killings of Christians in the Sudan or Timor go on almost uncommented on. It's wussiness...but a complex wussiness. Nobody thinks of this place as ours to conquer: it is a dark world that we will be pulled out from in the middle of the night...fight the holding action, get all the civilians out, then pull out for the carpet bombing that will really seal the deal.

And while we're fighting them we pretend to feel sorry for them. Right. Let me tell you what it really reads like: let those non-Christians kill their babies, if they want to. Hell, let the daughters of Christians get abortions...just goes to show they're not Christians.

So should we have more Paul Hills?

No. But with the way we think of the Church and the world these days, the best we can muster up is Paul Hill.

Love the Church. Love the City of God. Let's bring that new world to this world.