Word, yo


according to Lewis' The Origin of Words

A great and poet man

told you to watch the sun

rain quicksilver words

on wingéd sandals run,

shuttling down

a monorail to the ground.

O sun beams and shafts

are everywhere! See, there!

is Philosophy, and the Life

of Cats, or Fly-Fishing as Religion.

Run from place to place!

As the mercury drops in one

to the other skip ahead;

as those shiny symbols trace or tread

their speed and slip and glisten

catch (or listen!) them.

With these of others

you may build. But as you fly

from race to taste,

do not map the Rails.

If you dream to more than place

'pon mine or hers but catch

these silver comet tails,

mount and tame and

ride along ecstatic.