Vote for Bradford

You all knew it had to be only a matter of time (say, one half-hour from foundation) before I would post a poem. *assume imperative construction* Read more as time goes on.

Vote For Bradford

"Vote for Bradford"'s sign

and that urban-cammo punk

who wouldn't look

At me are sweetly subsumed

by the comin' home traffic

and all the yellow leaves

(those that first crisping to brown

those that last mellowing down and greenish).

The little too woody pipe smoke

and Van Morrison

(turn it up, it's got soul)

singing of that some sweet lovin

wherein I don't really feel so mean.

This is memorable for being.

It is memorable for being the last time

this year I sit out here in my shorts.

"It makes me righteous, it makes me whole;

it makes me mellow, right down to my very soul."

Best of all dog-walker

who likes my music and the years it gives.