Rich Mullins Was Gnostic. Sigh.

Listening to Rich Mullins:

"He will never break his promise, though the stars should break faith with the skies."

My Deliverer is a great tune, but…that ain't what Scripture says.

We do know that for God to break his promise is as impossible as his breaking his promises to the day and the night (Jer. 33:20). What Mullins is saying is that even if the world falls apart, God won't let you go.


God says that just as this world will never fall apart, neither will we. Do you see those stars? Will not he who holds them up hold you up as well? We are the stars in his crown! God is using a circular argument, but that's just fine. It's circular because God is appealing to us based on what we see; he has a history with us. It's a relationship in history: I've held it all together until now, and you should trust me to keep it (and you) going.

The stars won't break faith with the skies because God has not left the world to unravel, rather he rules over it, above it, and in it.